[sylpheed:32593] Re: sylpheed crashes when sending mail

Mario Wehbrink biowalker6 at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 22 19:45:40 JST 2008

Mario Wehbrink <biowalker6 at yahoo.de> wrote:

[sylpheed 2.5.0 crashes when sending mail]

It gets more strange: i set up a testuser on my machine, added my accounts
and ... the sylpheed from the debian package works fine! So i did a backup
of my emails and re-setup sylpheed and copied the contents of the
mailfolders. So here is what i've got:

Debian-package (2.5.0-1):
- crashes with my (old)Maildir
- works after new setup. I deleted ~/.sylpheed-2.0 and ~/Mail and reentered
  account-data and copied the contents of ~/Mail/inbox, Mail/sent etc from
  my backup. No export/import via mbox.

self compiled 2.5.0:
- works with both old and new config+Maildir

Now this no longer looks like a bug in the debian package, but more like
something sylpheed did with its Mailfolders. Any ideas?



Mario Wehbrink <biowalker6 at yahoo.de>

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