[sylpheed:32562] Re: Gmail anyone?

Chris Gleason chris.gleason at firetrust.com
Thu Aug 14 15:49:02 JST 2008

Have you enabled POP3 access to your GMail account, you need to do this by logging on to Gmail, go to Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> enable POP3 access for either all messages, or message that arrive from now on.

If that doesn't work then check you are using SSL and the correct ports, GMail uses port 995 for POP (not 110)


On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 23:23:05 -0700
John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> wrote:

> I have used Sylpheed for years with Ubuntu x86_64, currently Sylpheed
> 2.4.8 and Hardy Heron. I love it because it does all that I need and no
> more. It is also rock solid.
> I have always had three e-mail accounts that I use Sylpheed for: My
> comcast account, which I use for Sylpheed and a couple other e-lists, a
> company account, and Hotpop.com. The Hotpop account has been
> troublesome on and off over the years. I use it for certain e-lists
> that I subscribe to, and also occasionally when I need to give someone
> an e-mail address but I'm afraid to give them my Comcast account. But
> once every couple of months Hotpop has a fit and I can't download mail.
> Usually after a few days the problem clears up by itself. But for the
> past several days I have been unable to download mail - longer than
> usual. I could log in to my Hotpop account via the web, and I could see
> that there were 183 messages in my inbox, but Hotpop's web interface
> only allows you to delete messages - you can't read them in a browser. 
> Since all the messages were either spam or from e-lists which are
> archived online anyway, I deleted all the messages. Then I decided I'd
> had enough of Hotpop's flaky performance, and closed the account.
> But I still need a free e-mail account, so I went shopping. I started
> with Gmail, but I can't get it configured. It hangs on downloading
> messages, and also on sending.
> Side note: All my e-mail accounts are set to send via my university
> account (mailhost.pdx.edu). I have to do so because I cannot send
> e-mail from the university otherwise. I set up the Gmail account the
> same way. When Gmail refused to download or send e-mail I changed the
> setting to use smtp.gmail.com, and I also set all the rest of the
> settings specified on the Gmail site. No go. I can neither send nor
> receive.
> When I try to receive I get an error in the log window:
> * Connecting to POP3 server: pop.gmail.com...
> * Incorporation cancelled
> Can someone tell me what incorporation is and why Gmail would cancel it?
> And, since Gmail seems to be rather fussy, can someone suggest another
> free e-mail service instead of Gmail?

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