[sylpheed:32553] Re: connection error vs dns lookup error

Robert Wolfe robert.wolfe at voyager.net
Fri Aug 8 21:14:19 JST 2008

On Thursday 07 August 2008 03:40, Attila Kinali wrote:
> Hi,
> I have here a little incorrect error message, if sylpheed
> fails to look up a host name:
> ---
> $ host mail.blastwave.org
> Host mail.blastwave.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
> ---
> and from the log:
> ---
> * Connecting to SMTP-Server: mail.blastwave.org ...
> ** LibSylph-WARNING: can't connect to server.
> ** LibSylph-WARNING: [09:35:16] Can't connect to SMTP server.
> ** Can't connect to SMTP server.
> ---
> Of course, the problem is that someone played with the
> DNS server, but sylpheeds error message misled me to think
> that the server itself is unreachable.
> IMHO sylpheed should report here that it had a DNS lookup error
> instead of a connection error.
> I am currently running sylpheed on windows and don't have
> access to a linux box at the moment, so i cannot say whether
> this is a windows only or a general issue.

If you know the IP address of mail.blastwave.org, then try replacing 
mail.blastwave.org in your Sylpheed configuration with the IP address.  Also, 
to mare sure that the SMTP part of the server is reachable, you can also try 
telneting into the IP of that server on port 25.

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