[sylpheed:32204] Re: NNTP mistakes (bug?)

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at peoplepc.com
Mon Apr 14 10:45:32 JST 2008

Nicolas Sebrecht <ni.s at laposte.net> wrote:

> Gene Goldenfeld a écrit :
>  > ..change providers... Or not worry about it, because I find the wrong
>  > numbers disappear when I click on the newsgroup.
> The wrong numbers are not the real problem but the duplicated messages. 
> The wrong numbers are a consequence (please,
> refer to snapshots).
> http://www.send-large-file.com/download.php?d=&f=a07607d82a4ecbd14cc409d12459ff19
> I guess we are not talking about the same thing.

My mistake.  I've had that duplication too, more than once, though it's
been awhile. My recollection is that each time a note to the current ISP
solved it. There is a 'clear the server' setting in Sylpheed, but I
think that was ok. 


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