[sylpheed:32194] Re: [PATCH] Sylpheed should save his state when killed by signals

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Sun Apr 13 16:35:48 JST 2008

On 12 April 2008 at 21h04, Paul wrote:


> > While you're at it you could also take our session management
> > stuff :)  
> Wait a minute... Claws Mail is GPLv3, doesn't that mean sylpheed
> cannot take it?? 

It can take the stuff that was available before 3.0, like this
functionality, because they've once been licensed GPLv2; but it
can't take what has been written under GPLv3 (like, for examples, tag

Also, even our old stuff can't be taken to Sylpheed's libsylph, as this
directory's files are licensed LGPL.
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