[sylpheed:31773] Re: GTK/QT theme issue: Folder list colors Black/Red

Onur Küçük onur at delipenguen.net
Sat Sep 29 01:06:06 JST 2007

> Can anything be done about this? I guess this could be something
> concerning the color mapping from Qt to Gtk? Does anyone know how
> this works and how it can be configured?
> Has anyone found a workaround to use Sylpheed within KDE, use the Qt
> theme for GTK and still see the folderlist items with new mail in red
> color as they should be?

 I have it working fine here, though I don't remember which setting
exactly fixed it. IIRC if your gtk-qt-engine supports, touching an empty
" .no-qtrc-to-gtkrc-mapping" file in your home folder fixes it.

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