[sylpheed:31764] GTK/QT theme issue: Folder list colors Black/Red

Jakub Ondrusek yak at gmx.co.uk
Fri Sep 28 11:40:56 JST 2007

I'm using 2.4.5 at the moment, but this issue has emerged with Sylpheed 
in older versions as well.

When I use the Qt/GTK theme (So that I have my KDE style in GTK applications),
everything works fine, only folders with new mail are not in Bold Red, they 
are always Bold Black regardless of the KDE style used. 

I do not know, whether this is a Sylpheed or a Gtk_Engines_Qt issue but I would
sure like to..

Can anything be done about this? I guess this could be something concerning the
color mapping from Qt to Gtk? Does anyone know how this works and how it can be

Has anyone found a workaround to use Sylpheed within KDE, use the Qt theme for
GTK and still see the folderlist items with new mail in red color as they should be?


Jakub Ondrusek

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