[sylpheed:31674] Re: IMAP folder tree refresh

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Thu Sep 6 17:20:44 JST 2007


On Thu, 6 Sep 2007 10:53:41 +0900
Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp> wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Sep 2007 17:58:47 +0200
> Manfred Usselmann <usselmann.m at icg-online.de> wrote:
> > I'm using Sylpheed mainly as an IMAP client from different locations
> > and have a problem whenever I add or delete a folder. To make a new
> > folder visible or a deleted one disappear at the other locations, I
> > need to refresh to whole folder tree which invalidates the mail
> > cache for all folders.
> Use 'File - Mailbox - Rebuild folder tree', or 'Rebuild folder tree'
> in the context menu of the root folder. These doesn't invalidate
> message caches.

Mmmh, here it does. This is exactly my problem. 

I just tried it again to be sure. I used the function from the context
menu of the root folder of my IMAP account and all message counters are
zero now.

When I clicked on the Sylpheed folder where I store the messages from
this mailing list, the header download started and it needed 15 minutes
to retrieve all 15731 headers (using a 512 kbit/s DSL connection to my
IMAP server at home). It will take a while until all my folders are
up-to-date again.... :-(

Here I'm using Sylpheed 2.4.5 Win32 under Windows XP but IIRC all
versions of Sylpheed have always behaved like this since I started using
Sylpheed in 2001. I'm sure on my Ubuntu desktop at home its the same.
The update is a bit faster there because the mail server is part of the
local network, but it still takes a considerable amount of time. This
is also due to the fact that all headers are retrieved at once and not
incrementally only those which are needed for the current display.


 Manfred Usselmann                           usselmann.m at icg-online.de

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