[sylpheed:31844] Moving mail to new machine

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Oct 21 08:52:07 JST 2007

I have been using Sylpheed for a couple years under Ubuntu amd64,
starting with Hoary. I currently can no longer boot the computer due to
a hard disk problem, although I do have a full system backup from just
a couple days earlier. The only upgrades I have ever made were whatever
came into the Ubuntu repositories, but since I can't boot the old
system I don't know for sure what version I had.

I have created a new installation of Ubuntu Gutsy amd64 and have
installed Sylpheed 2.4.5. I copied the ~/Mailboxes folder, as well
as .claw and .sylpheed-2.-0. It all appears fine, except when I try to
get new messages it logs into the server, finds the number of new
messages, then pops up an error message "Can't write file."

I'm also afraid it won't be able to send this message, but if it
appears on the list, at least y'all will know that part is working.
Probably something is missing, but I need help figuring out what it is.

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