[sylpheed:31802] Re: Restore folders

Petr Kovar pknbe at volny.cz
Mon Oct 8 10:01:47 JST 2007

IW <iain at holuwon.com>, Mon, 8 Oct 2007 09:22:31 +0900:

> I created a new fodler but for some reason it renamed a top level
> folder...and all the data in it and every folder below has vanished.
> This is not good. I am running 2.2.10 on Windows xp
> Can I get it back?


Did you take a look at the MH structure under the Sylpheed per-user
data directory on your hard drive? - the path is typically "C:\Documents and
Settings\[Your Account Name]\Application Data\Sylpheed\Mailboxes". Maybe
your data is still there. You should then be able to re-add it through the
Sylpheed's File menu.

Petr Kovar

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