[sylpheed:31060] Re: refresh subfolder list

Popolon popolon at popolon.org
Wed Mar 28 19:01:19 JST 2007

Oh, sorry, I juste seen, 'rebuild folder tree' from account. I believe a 
similar menu item like 'rebuild subfloder tree' could be a good idea for 
big forest-like account.

Popolon wrote:
> In sylpheed-2.4.0b5, when using a shared (on several computers) imap 
> account. If a subfolder is created by another computer, it looks than 
> there is no mean to refresh the subfolder list and the subfolder can't 
> be easily made available. The only solution is to delete and create 
> again account. Could the change be autodetected when closing/reopening 
> folder containing this subfolder or at least by using contextual menu 
> right mouse button=>update summary ?
> Regards.
> Olivier

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