[sylpheed:31058] encrypt-to-self option?

Eike Nicklas stufam at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 19:37:29 JST 2007

Hello Hiroyuki and others,

first of all, thanks a lot for Sylpheed. It is a great program and has
become my favourite email client by now.

There is just one little thing I am missing in Sylpheed: An
encrypt-to-self option when sending encrypted emails. After some
research, I found that a patch was submitted a long time ago, but for
some reason was never applied.

Of course, this patch should not apply cleanly anymore (it is almost 3
years old) and I don't have the knowledge to update it for the current
version of Sylpheed.

It would be nice, if this option could be included in Sylpheed and it
would make this great programm even better.

Thank you for your work,


PS: If this is a duplicate message, I am sorry for this. I sent this
email a few days ago already, but it seems like it never arrived...

Eike Nicklas
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