[sylpheed:31039] Re: question: Gesendetverzeichnis

Daniel Déchelotte boite_a_spam at club-internet.fr
Thu Mar 15 23:45:13 JST 2007

Evgeni Golov a écrit :

> On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:36:21 +0100 meuterich wrote (translated):
> > "It is hard to find a mail in the Sent-folder, because there is no
> > 'To' but only 'From', which is - of course - myself. Is there any
> > possibility to change this behaviour?"
> Yes, you can change this. In the German version of Sylpheed you find
> it under:
> Einstellungen -> Allgemeine Einstellungen -> Anzeige -> Zeige
> Empfänger in Von-Spalte, wenn Sie selbst Absender sind

Problem is, it doesn't always work. It doesn't work for old addresses
(me at old-isp.example.com), for mangled addresses (me at isp.com.invalid),
for newsgroup posts, for mail with no "To:" (only "Cc:"), possibly more.

I think that in the outbox folder (and only it), the recipients (either
"To:", "Cc:" or "Newsgroup:") should always be displayed, and the
"From" header should be changed to "Recipients". Or make the option you
cited above do that. Isn't it always what the user want and expect?

> The problem is, this changes only the view, not the search, so you
> still cannot do a quicksearch for the receiver.

And that, IMHO, should be fixed in *all* folders, not just the outbox

-- Daniel

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