[sylpheed:31020] Get/Get all clear out Search window when the action completes

Bill Priest priestwilliaml at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 02:50:49 JST 2007

	I've recently switched from Linux to the windows
version of sylpheed (don't have laptop at new job) and
as a result there are often lots of emails on my yahoo
account or ISP in between downloads.  I typically
search out messages and read messages from the various
mailing lists one at a time (say sylpheed) while the
new emails are downloading.  If I haven't read them
all by the time the download completes the "Search:"
window is cleared and I have to type my search in
again.  For me this is a hassle as I the email/thread
I was reading gets "reset".
Is this operation "intentional" or a bug.  I can't
remember if it has ever worked any differently; but it
has finally bugged me enough to report it.

PS.  Sylpheed is the best mail program around and all
the hard work is greatly appreciated.

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