[sylpheed:31017] Receiving Dialog & Auto-filling Email Address

Frank Tao solotim.cn at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 21:12:48 JST 2007

I like Sylpheed more than Claws. :)

My questions are:
1. When I set sylpheed to receive email automatically and set it to
show Receiving Dialog only when manually receive, the auto-receiving
process can not be stopped until it finish. Can sylpheed provide another
way to terminate the receiving operation except receiving dialog?

2. Sometimes, I occasionlly write mail to some certain address, but I
don't want save those email address into my address book. So, can
sylpheed maintain a short list to remember those email addresses which
are not in address book? Thus, its auto-filling function will be
greater, I think.

Sylpheed is really great.

Frank Tao
solotim<solotim.cn at gmail.com>

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