[sylpheed:31015] [feature] filter : based on adress books

jlm devel jlm_devel at laposte.net
Fri Mar 9 01:02:25 JST 2007

hi! I'm really interested to use sylpheed instead of mozilla for my mail 
I tried it and it works great but it miss for me an essential filter 
(the only reall spam filter that work) : the adress book filter
on mozilla I've several filter for each mailing list and the last filter 
on the list is 
if sender is not in my adressbook personal adresses and
if sender is not in my adressbook collected adresses and
if sender is not in my adressbook temporary adresses then
move message to trash

I know this is a little brutal but I just have to check my trash before 
empty it, I now that what is inside is either trash stuff or someone 
that I don't know... looking at the subject gives me the answer....
this principle is called a white list... only people I've added to my 
adressbook or that I've writen too are allowed.....

if sylpheed had this kind of filter I will switch right now to it

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