[sylpheed:31476] Filtering and email numbering (version 2.2.7)

Andrea Ganduglia radio at frequenze.it
Sat Jun 23 00:17:32 JST 2007

Hi. Recently I have apply a filter to a directory. My filter move all
mails where From field contains pippo at pluto.net into another directory.

Ok, It's standards for me. In source dir mail was order into inverse
date order (most recent), but destination dir is order into reverse
mode, in other words, most recent mail have number 1 and older 1399.

is it a bug?

I have a bash script that solve this situation, but internal solutions
will be better. 

echo "Please, close Sylpheed."
sleep 5

LastMsg=$(ls -1 | egrep '[0-9]' | sort -n | tail -1)

for i in $(seq 1 $LastMsg | tac); do
      mv -v "$i" "new_$Q"

for n in new_*; do
      NewName=$(echo $n | sed -e 's/new_//g')
      mv -v $n $NewName

echo "Done. Open Sylpheed and update directory summary." 

http://www.openclose.it - Idee per il software libero

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