[sylpheed:31468] Re: Sylpheed full-text search error

Massimiliano Marini max at linuxtime.it
Tue Jun 19 17:07:57 JST 2007

> I can run syldbimport on both Win2000SP4 / WinXPSP2. Are you using
> 0.2.0 (0.1.0 couldn't work on W2K), and are both PostgreSQL and MeCab
> installed correctly?

I'm using 0.2.0, PostgreSQL is installed and works well, I've not made
no operation on MeCab, in the ReadMe file I have only found this :

> MeCab 0.93 or later + mecab-ipadic
> Install MeCab, mecab-ipadic before.

but the site http://mecab.sourceforge.net/ is all in japanese and I
don't understand your language.

What I must to do? Can you drive me in a right way? Thanks

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