[sylpheed:31413] Re: Sorting sent-mail (To-From substitution)

Blixa blixa at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 9 17:14:05 JST 2007

Op Sat, 9 Jun 2007 00:34:12 +0400 schreef Dmitry Vilegzhanin
<diod at desc.ru>:

> Hello, 
>   There is a feature to show 'To' instead of 'From' in messages list,
> when 'From' is myself, it's very useful when browsing trough sent
> messages folder. But when I click on the heading of the column - it
> is sorted according 'From' field (not To, that is shown in this
> column on all messages in Sent folder). 
> This might be a 'feature', but the first idea comes to mind - that
> there is something broken there.
> Thank You for your attention.

Try View - Sort and  you can choose in which order you want the
messages to be displayed.

It's true: clicking the header's column does not do what you expect.

to everybody: 

please checkout
http://www.tmtm.org/cgi-bin/w3ml/sylpheed/ before posting to this


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