[sylpheed:31574] something weird about a Relpy menu item (translation related)

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Thu Jul 26 05:07:17 JST 2007

On the new rfc822 reply implemented feature (* The feature to reply to
attached message/rfc822 messages was added.) there is a menu title
Reply -> with four other submenus (Reply, Reply to all, Reply to sender
and Reply to mailing list).

The problem is that the main (parent) Reply string belongs to another
The language file has these related strings:
/_Reply/Reply to _all
/_Reply/Reply to _sender
/_Reply/Reply to mailing _list

The first /_Reply/ does not respond to any translation, although the
string *appears* translated. I mean I can left it as is (English), or
write any stupidity, the menu position in my case always remains
"Răspunde" (which is my Romanian translation).
So there is somewhere a bug.

Other than that, in my opinion this menu/submenu is not very consistent
with other same Reply menus in Sylpheed. I mean that somewhere else
there are separate "Reply" and "Reply to ->" menus, whereas here there
is only one "Reply" with "Reply" and the other "Reply to something"
positions. It appears it follows the toolbar menu structure, not the
general menu structure.


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