[sylpheed:31569] Weird "save attachments" dialog behavior with v2.4.4

André Costa blueser at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 20:47:01 JST 2007


I have recently updated Sylpheed to v2.4.4 on my Ubuntu Feisty box at
work, and I have noticed a pretty weird (and annoying) behavior with
the "save attachments" dialog: the window keeps _changing its size_
(it gets bigger and then back to its original size repeatedly), making
it impossible to interact with the window -- I can only press ENTER to
accept the default save location and file name or ESC to cancel.

Has anyone else seen this? GNOME version is 2.18.1



PS: I have generated the .deb package myself with 'checkinstall'
script, which is not ideal because it doesn't compute dependencies
automatically as RPM does. Anyone knows of a Ubuntu repo with updated
sylpheed .deb packages?

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