[sylpheed:31560] undigesting with Sylpheed

Celejar celejar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 06:51:30 JST 2007


The only way I know of to break apart a mailing list digest into its
component messages is with the formail command.  If I pop my mail with
classic CLI tools such as fetchmail or getmail, than I would have my
MDA, such as procmail or maildrop, invoke formail, and then possibly
inject the messages back into the queue for further processing.  How do
I undigest when Sylpheed is popping the messages?  Do I use formail as
an 'External Command' in the 'Filters' section?  I can't find an
explanation of what happens to the output of the external command.  Any
help or pointers will be appreciated.

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