[sylpheed:31530] Problem with ssl

Axel Palm axelpalm at mail.ee
Wed Jul 18 17:07:12 JST 2007

Sylpheed  2.4.3
Win XP Professional Service Pack 2

I have to send one mail twice :(
First time it fails. Next after the failure I send again
and thet it is success.

I cannot remember if it has been all the time with 2.4.3,
but I have a impression it has occured lately.

>From my log:
* Ühendun SMTP serveriga: smtp.neti.ee ...
** LibSylph-WARNING: SSL_connect() failed with error 5, ret = -1

** LibSylph-WARNING: can't initialize SSL.
* Ühendun SMTP serveriga: smtp.neti.ee ...        <-- next sending
* SSL certificate of smtp.neti.ee previously accepted

Axel Palm <axelpalm at mail.ee>

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