[sylpheed:31495] Sylpheed Claws marking unread mails as read

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 22:33:33 JST 2007

I missed a few emails recently, which is a real problem as we rely on
email very heavenly where I work.  I am very careful that I read all
the email I get  (I don't get spam on the address I am talking about).
 It has happened again.  I was expecting an email and did not get it.
When I did a search I found it.  I am assuming that it is because it
got marked as read but there may be something else going on.  This is
very worrying and I have switched back to Thunderbird while I work out
that is happening (I use imap).

Any ideas?

Ben Edwards - Bristol, UK
If you have a problem emailing me use
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