[sylpheed:30996] Some more comments

Jason LeBrun gnome at jasonlebrun.info
Thu Feb 22 16:24:42 JST 2007

Is there a bug/feature tracker for Sylpheed, or is the mailing list the primary forum for those sorts of things? 

I wanted to mention one more bug, and one "feature" request:

1. In the 3-paned view, if I highlight any text in the "banner" portion of the email preview, and hit Ctrl-C, the highlighted text doesn't seem to get copied to the clipboard. The "middle-click" buffer works, but the copy/cut buffer doesn't seem to.

2. Is there any way to set a "default" sending account? I use a number of different addresses, but there's really no need in most cases to use any more than 1 SMTP server, so I use the same SMTP server for everything. Having to set it up for every single email account seems unnecessarily redundant. Perhaps if the SMTP server for a particular account is left blank, then that account can use the SMTP settings for the account marked as default?



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