[sylpheed:30957] folder and message coloring

Randy Dunlap rdunlap at xenotime.net
Fri Feb 16 10:58:10 JST 2007

(I see that 2.4.0 beta has some coloring options.  I haven't looked
at 2.4.0 yet, but I don't think my comments are covered there.)

This may be a GTK thing.. or a window manager thing.. (i.e.,
outside of Sylpheed) -- I have no idea.

It would be helpful if:

- for folders, when I have clicked on the folder name and it is
highlighted and it contains unread messages, if I could still
tell if the folder name's color is Red (New unread messages)
or Black (old unread messages).

- for messages, when I have clicked on specific message(s) that
I have previously assigned a Color Label to [where click causes
the message(s) to be highlighted for some definition of highlight],
if I could still see the Color Label of those messages.


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