[sylpheed:30941] paste PRIMARY selection using the keyboard

Laurence Darby ldarby at mips.com
Thu Feb 15 02:33:01 JST 2007


I'm sure this isn't Sylpheed specific issue, because it affects a lot
of other GTK apps, but I'm hoping someone here might know the answer :)

A quick lesson on X-windows, so can you please understand this if you
want to reply:

There are (at least) 2 text buffers, the CLIPBOARD and PRIMARY.  

Filling the text buffers: CLIPBOARD always gets set with Ctrl-C or
Edit->Copy.  PRIMARY always gets set by selecting text.  Depending on
the phase of the moon and other random things, sometimes selecting text
*also* sets the CLIPBOARD.

Pasting from the buffers:  Ctrl-V and Edit->Paste always paste from
CLIPBOARD.  Middle-mouse always pastes from the PRIMARY.

What has been driving me mad is that Shift-Insert pastes from different
buffers depending on the application.  In terminal emulators it pastes
the PRIMARY, but in GTK apps it pastes the CLIPBOARD.

Is there any way to make Shift-Insert ALWAYS paste from PRIMARY, or at
least another way of using the keyboard and not the mouse to paste the
PRIMARY buffer?   I once mapped the windows key to the middle mouse
button with xmodmap and some other hackery, but that was a kludge and
needs the mouse to be moved to where the cursor is first, so it was


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