[sylpheed:30939] [PATCH] Don't show main window on startup

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Wed Feb 14 22:42:53 JST 2007

The attached patch adds one additional persistent configuration item, to tell
Sylpheed whether to show or not the main window upon startup.

If enabled, the next time Sylpheed starts it will *not* display the main
window, which can be shown at user request when clicking the tray icon.  If
disabled, Sylpheed behaves as you are used to.

To avoid panic, this option, if enabled, will only hide the main window if
the tray icon option is enabled and a tray icon could be successfully created
during Sylpheed's startup.

As this is a new feature, it is disabled for default.  You must explicitly
enable it in the Common Preferences (read on for the exact location).

First, apply the patch to your recent SVN copy of Sylpheed 2.4.0.  I made the
patch under 2.4.0beta3 (svn rev 1542), and don't know if it applies for
previous versions (like 2.3.x).  Compile and install as usual, it doesn't use
any configure time options.

The new item can then be enabled or disabled under:

	Configuration > Common Preferences > Details > Interface
	[ ] Don't show the main window on startup

To test it, you must re-open Sylpheed.  You can say it worked for you if you
enabled the option and Sylpheed's main window was not shown upon startup, and
the tray icon is visible in the system tray.

>From this point, Sylpheed can be used exactly as if you had minimized it to
tray icon.

So far, under a FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE with XFCE-4.4, works like a charm.  The
only time it gets in action is during startup.  I cannot state that it will
work on your OS, though.

This patch is for people who use Sylpheed's automatic mail receiving, the
tray icon, and prefer the application to operate quietly since startup, until
there's new mail to read.

Even people who launches Sylpheed and want to compose mail right after can
enjoy this, as the tray icon has a "Compose new message" command.

This behavior can be found in some applications, like Psi (jabber IM), Skype,
and others I'm not aware of.  :)

Regard, and enjoy.

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez     <rnsanchez@{gmail.com,wait4.org}>
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  "Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse."
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