[sylpheed:30310] Re: junk filtering not automatic

Seth Kurtzberg seth at cql.com
Tue Oct 31 20:19:51 JST 2006

I think this is based on a flawed assumption, that implementing IMAP would somehow harm an effort to implement exchange.

I can't see any reason why that is the case.

However, I detect a substantial amount of feedback here, which says, "don't do this."

If the feedback said "well, I personally don't care about it, but it would be an enhancement to the tool" that would be one thing.

So, unless I see some indication that my impression is incorrect, I'll move my IMAP filtering and spam handling to a client without substantial hostility to the idea of enhancing IMAP.

If I've gotten the wrong impression, I'll be happy to reverse course.

Seth Kurtzberg

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 10:02:49 +0100
Stefaan A Eeckels <Stefaan.Eeckels at ecc.lu> wrote:

> On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 20:55:55 -0800
> Randy Dunlap <rdunlap at xenotime.net> wrote:
> > Sounds like a catch 22.  If it's not well-supported in sylpheed,
> > the number of sylpheed IMAP users will continue to be small.
> IMAP would typically be useful to people who want to access their
> mailbox from a number of systems that are geographically distant and
> linked through slow links, or have an OS that has a non-network based
> GUI. 
> I work on many systems, but their GUIs are all X based, and it's far
> easier to access my mail by launching sylpheed on my main workstation
> through X than setting up an IMAP server. I have quite a few utilities
> that scan the messages in my mail folders (which is why I like the MH
> format Sylpheed uses), which would be more complex when they'd live on
> an IMAP server. 
> IMAP can also be useful in a corporate environment, but apart maybe from
> Universities, most of that market belongs to Exchange/Outlook; Exchange
> does offer POP3 access, but AFAIK not IMAP. And typically, whenever
> IMAP is available, POP3 is too - and unless one really, really needs
> that central mail store POP3 is faster, easier and more reliable.
> In my humble opinion an Exchange connector would see far more use, and
> open the corporate market to Sylpheed (I have been force to use
> Evolution more than once in order to access mail on corporate networks
> using a Unix workstation).
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> Stefaan
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> As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning,
> and meaningful statements lose precision. -- Lotfi Zadeh 

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