[sylpheed:30276] Re: Can't see non-ASCII charcters

Aleksandr Konstantinov akonstantinov at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 29 20:55:11 JST 2006


 Thanks for a hint. But I think it solves different 
problem. I do not want menus to be in my language.
I'm quite comfortable with default locale C - english.
 That I want is to be able to read multi-language
mails written in a language different from one
OS is configured for and encoded in UTF8.
 I'm sure there is no problem in a system because
most fonts I have in my X11 installation are
multi-language fonts and other programs which 
support UTF8 have no problems with displaying 
characters which are not in default locale.



--- Levente <levente.kovacs at interware.hu> wrote:

> Hi,
> > >
> > > Could you please send your environment?
> >
> > $ env
> > PWD=/home/sanjak
> > XAUTHORITY=/home/sanjak/.Xauthority
> Okay, but I can't see the LANG environment. Set it
> to your language. You have to generate locale too.
> You can start fidleing with LC_* varibles too.
> For a hint, I attach my /etc/environment file.
> Depending on your distribution, it is read by each
> login shell.
> Good luck!
> Levente
> --
> http://web.interware.hu/lekovacs

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