[sylpheed:30232] Filtering Quirk, Bug or me?

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Tue Oct 24 07:13:08 JST 2006

Can anyone see why would the following message would have filtered to
Trash, based on the filters listed below?  I find quite a few do so,
all with Re: in them.  This has been going on since during 2.2.x/Win32.



Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:18:19 -0500
From: ka**n.roe**ler(at)co.henne**n.m*.us [munched]
To: WAM-XC(at)yahoogroups.com 
Subject: Re: [WAM-XC] A long hike on 10/28--Karen can't lead

A friend of mine died over the weekend, and his memorial service
conflicts with the date I had proposed for a 5 hour hike.  I will
attend the service rather than show up at William O'Brien on Saturday,
October 28.

I am able to lead a long hike the following Saturday, November 4.  Same
time, same place.  Reply to me if you are interested.

Reply to the list if you want to lead the hike on the original date of
Saturday, October 28.


Filter 1:                  Filter 2:
Cialis - Message body      Critical -    Subject:
Viagra -   "      "        Patch           "
Rolex  -   "      "        Internet        "
F*** -       From:         Security       From:
Amateur       "            Security      Subject:
Mortgage      "            MS             From:
Refinance     "            MS Security   Subject:
Consolidate   "            Microsoft Security - From:
vicod1n       "            Microsoft     Subject:
Vicodin       "            Microsoft      From:
Pharmacy      "            Pack          Subject:
Drugs         "            Pack           From:
Undeliverable  "           Notice:!      Subject:
                           Current Net Security Upgrade - Subject:

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