[sylpheed:30172] [patch] defer the displaying of the main window on startup

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Tue Oct 17 05:12:47 JST 2006


The attached patch defer the displaying of the main window when Sylpheed is
started, to the point where saved geometry are (hopefully) set up.  This
avoids the early display of a small window (320x200) and then the resizing,
which bothers me.

I don't know GTK, so it would be nice if someone could review it.  It worked
here like a charm, though. :)

This is for 2.3.0beta2, don't know if it will apply on any other version.


Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez     <rnsanchez@{gmail.com,wait4.org}>
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