[sylpheed:30122] insertion action issues

RM info at kgen6.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 19:19:34 JST 2006

Hi - I am upgrading from 2.2.7 so it may well not be 2.3 related but I
have simple insertion actions that I use day in day out, called by
echo and mapped to shortcuts, such as:

echo 'this is the text that I want to insert'

they used to be pasted at the cursor position but Sylpheed now insist
on placing them at the beginning of my message. That pretty much
renders my actions useless.

Right now I'm going to have to go back to 2.2.x - if I find similar
behaviour with a previous build I will make a follow up post so you
know where the change was introduced.

Best Regards,

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