[sylpheed:30463] Possible problem with newreader part of Sylphhed

Roger Pryor rjpryor at unix.infoserve.net
Wed Nov 29 04:57:08 JST 2006


I've been using Sylpheed both as an email program and as as newsreader for
many years now (Thank you Hiro).  Recently I have seen a possible problem
with one specific newsgroup.   Two other news groupd do not show this

This particular newsgroup has a moderate amount of traffic, and currently
is up to a message ID of 138403.  The problem is that the summary pane 
shows, e.g. 175 175 175 for the new, unread and # columns, yet when I go
to read the newsgroup there is only one message, and the summary changes
to 0 0 1.

This problem has persisted for several weeks, having been perfectly ok for
several years.  I may have also seen this before some time ago on a
different, much higher traffic group, when it went away after a few days.

Has anyone got any ideas?  I will look for more information if requested.


Roger Pryor    Email: rjpryor at infoserve.net
Vancouver, Canada

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