[sylpheed:30413] Re: ROT 13 "en-/decryption"

Christian Brunsch lists at benares.de
Fri Nov 17 03:29:06 JST 2006

Frank Lanitz <linux at partysoke.de> wrote:

> I was reading an article at the usenet and I missed one feature: There
> was a sentece "encrypted" with ROT 13. So my question: Is it possible
> to implement a function to "de- or encrypt" something from or to ROT
> 13? I know, there are many tools on command line that can do this, but
> I'm simply to lazy to change into one. ;)
> Or is it already implemented, only I didn't find it?

You can use an Action for ROT 13. The following action works fine for
me: |tr a-zA-Z n-za-mN-ZA-M| 

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