[sylpheed:30395] Filter syntax

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Nov 13 05:54:51 JST 2006

I want to create a filter rule that will move to trash all messages
containing certain specific words in the Subject. I have created the
rule, but evidently I have to add a new line for each word. For
example, if I want to filter the message if it contains Roger, Sally,
Betty or James I have to create four lines. I thought I should be able
to do this with one line, just by separating the words with a comma, or
"OR" or something. I read the manual, but can't find anything about
syntax for filter rules. Is what I want to do possible? If so, how? And
if you can specify such things by syntax in a rule, is there
documentation for the syntax somewhere? TIA

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