[sylpheed-announce:00165] [ANNOUNCE] Sylpheed 3.4 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Mon Mar 31 17:52:30 JST 2014


The new stable version Sylpheed 3.4 has been released.


In this release, the new message notification window was added. Icon
theme feature was added. The handling of HTML messages was improved.
Hostname of SSL certificate is also validated now. Mac OS X support was

Many other improvements and bugfixes have been also made.

(Note: there is no change since 3.4rc)

Changes between Sylpheed 3.3.1

[New features]

      * New message notification window was added.
      * Icon theme feature was added.
      * SSL certificate hostname is validated now (#167).
      * PGP encrypt-to-self feature was added.
      * The feature to save message as plain text was added.
      * An option to the junk filter setting was added: 'Do not
        classify message as junk if sender is in the address
        book' (enabled by default) (#77)
      * Safe mode (which does not load plug-ins) was added


      * The existence of destination folders are checked when creating
        a filter rule.
      * The recursion level is restricted up to 64 when scanning local
        mailbox (prevents infinite loop with symlink. Note: Linux
        automatically limits the symlink loop up to 40)
      * The labels used in POP3 remote mailbox dialog was modified.
      * POP3: do not disconnect immediately but send QUIT command on
        normal POP3 errors (prevents deleted messages appear again).
      * Win32: socket connection timeout setting now works on Windows
        (Note: on Windows XP, maximum timeout value will be 21 seconds
        by default).
      * Some non-standard Date header patterns are handled now.
      * Win32: start menu shortcuts are translated.
      * Quotation of forwarded messages is enabled for template now.
      * When applying a template for a new message, current date is
        inserted with '%d'.
      * When marking a message as junk and moving it to a junk folder,
        proper junk folder is selected instead of default one.
      * Printing now prints all texts in messages, not only the first
      * The HTML parser now supports <blockquote> tag.
      * An option to prefer HTML part in multipart/alternative was
        added (default: off).
      * Compose window is raised when the external editor exits.
      * The order of templates became stable.
      * HTML mail is distinguished from other messages with attachments
        now (#89).
      * 'Last 30 days' was added to the quick search menu.
      * Attached images are rotated based on Exif orientation tag.
      * Mac OS X support was improved.
      * The Japanese manual was modified so that IE correctly detect
        its character encoding.
      * The rightmost column of folder view and summary view became
        easier to resize.
      * Appropriate columns of folder view, summary view, etc. are
        auto-expanded by window resize when using GTK+ 2.14 or later.
      * The initial setup dialog is now resizable.

[Other changes]

      * Basque translation was added.


      * Bugfixes of HTML display were made.
      * Escaped special characters in HTML links are now properly
        unescaped (#120).

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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