[sylpheed-announce:00105] Sylpheed 3.1beta6 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Fri Dec 24 17:26:44 JST 2010


Sylpheed 3.1beta6 has been released.


    * A new option 'Set only mail address when entering recipient from
      address book' was added.
    * The menu items 'Add to recipient/Cc/Bcc' were added to the
      address book.
    * On junk mail filtering, appropriate Junk folder for accounts will
      be selected.
    * When going offline, all current network sessions will be
    * Low priority will be used for long timeout interval.
    * The behavior on opening folders and mark-read timing was modified
    * The HTML parser was fixed to handle 'a' tag correctly (thanks to
      Rich Coe).
    * Win32: The text font setting will be checked always on startup
      (Japanese locale only).
    * The Japanese manual was updated.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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