[sylpheed-announce:00023] Sylpheed 2.3.0 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Sun Dec 24 00:19:04 JST 2006


The latest stable version Sylpheed 2.3.0 has been released.


2.3.0 provides the new printing function and new mail notification by
the tray icon. 2.3.0 also includes various usability improvements.

In Win32 version, the included GTK+ library has been updated to the
latest 2.10.6, and it introduces the improvements of usability and
bugfixes. Changes from 2.2

    * New features
          o The new printing function was implemented.
                + The native print dialog is available now. This allows
                  users to select printers or range.
                + Page setup was added.
                + Each page is now rendered by the Cairo graphic engine.
                + The font for displaying messages is used for printing.
                + Page number is printed for each page.
                + The printing of text attachments was implemented.
          o Win32: The tray icon was implemented.
          o When new mails arrive, the tray icon is changed, and it
            notifies the arrival of new mails by blinking itself for
            several seconds.
          o The feature to minimize the main window to the tray icon
            was added.
          o POP before SMTP was implemented.
          o The option "Open inbox on startup" was added.
          o The option "Remeber last selected message" was added.
          o The option "Inherit recipients on reply to self messages"
            was added.
          o The option to input signature directly was added to the
            account preferences. Signature is also automatically
            generated when creating a new account.
          o Cc: was added to the header view.
          o Bcc: and Reply-To: entries were added to the template.
          o Win32: The common CA certificates were included in the
          o CA certificates are now looked up in multiple location.
          o The bundle file which bundles multiple CA certificates in
            PEM format can be used.
          o When SSL certificate cannot be verified, the confirmation
            dialog is now displayed.
    * Improvements
          o Win32: The included GTK+ was updated to 2.10.6.
          o Win32: The performance of network communication at
            receiving and sending was improved.
          o Win32: The appearance of the UI became more native-like.
          o Win32: The scrolling speed of the summary view with cursor
            keys was improved.
          o The default directory of the file selection dialog was
            changed (in Win32, 'My Documents' is used. In Unix, the
            home directory is used).
          o The UI is now updated periodically on manual filtering.
          o Cursor is now placed at the top of the text (alternatively
            To or Subject entry if they are empty) when reediting
          o Unix: Resolver is now reinitialized if the DNS setting is
            modified on running,
    * Fixes
          o Win32: The broken display of the text view when it was
            partially hidden was fixed.
          o Win32: The position of color labels menu in the search
            dialog is correct now.
          o Win32: The problem that GTK+ strings became untranslated
            after the popup of context menu on the text view was fixed.
          o Win32: The crash that occurred on startup if a font with
            non-ascii name was specified for system font was fixed.
          o Win32: The application icon was modified.
          o Win32: The issue that the progress dialog was not updated
            while sending large messages was fixed.
          o The encoding setting of the message view in new window is
            enabled also on reply.
          o The bug that the blank message view appeared when
            displaying window from the tray icon while the message view
            was hidden in separate window mode was fixed.

Changes from 2.3.0rc

    * The Japanese manual was updated.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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