[pgpool-hackers: 3023] Rename ssl_ to ssl_pgpool_

Jesper Pedersen jesper.pedersen at redhat.com
Fri Aug 31 03:36:20 JST 2018


As discussed in the "New feature: supporting SCRAM and CERT based 
authentication in Pgpool-II" thread Pgpool-II 4.0 will gain SSL 
certificate authentication (yay!).

This will be between clients and Pgpool-II, so Pgpool-II to PostgreSQL 
is a TODO.

Attached is a patch that renames the ssl_ configuration variables to 

Why this proposal ?

1) The future Pgpool-II to PostgreSQL work will likely add more SSL 
configuration variables which likely will be similar to the current 
ones, so adding _pgpool_ now will separate these out. We can use 
_backend_ for the Pgpool-II to PostgreSQL ones then.

2) The 4.0 release will already require people to update their 
pgpool.conf file due to the fail_over to failover rename. So, I think it 
is better to let people rename their ssl_ variables now than having them 
do that in a 4.1 release.

The patch includes

* Rename of the ssl_ variables to ssl_pgpool_
* Add a notice for deprecation of the ssl_ variables
* Updates the documentation
* Updates the sample configurations
* Updates the existing test case to use the new variables

A big thanks to Muhammad, and all the people contributing to the SSL 
certification authentication for their work.

Thanks for considering !

Best regards,
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