[pgpool-hackers: 3019] Re: Define username and database for backend connections

Jesper Pedersen jesper.pedersen at redhat.com
Thu Aug 30 20:23:35 JST 2018


On 08/30/2018 07:15 AM, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
> What kind of problem do you try to solve?

When establishing a SSL connection from Pgpool-II to PostgreSQL we need 
to know the username of the request in order to use the correct 
certificate and private key. This patch fixes that, since the values 
aren't set at the moment.

>>    http://www.sraoss.jp/pipermail/pgpool-hackers/2018-August/003010.html
> I cannot see anything in the message mentioning username and database
> fields is not set.

... "Having cp->username being NULL is the biggest issue to get to testing."

So, the patch needs to be included either now or in 4.1.

Best regards,

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