[pgpool-hackers: 2927] SCRAM: 2 x backend

Jesper Pedersen jesper.pedersen at redhat.com
Thu Aug 9 22:18:40 JST 2018


When I'm using SCRAM-SHA256 authentication with the SCRAM_AUTH branch 
I'm seeing that 2 times the number backends are created per client.

host all all scram-sha-256

host all all scram-sha-256

num_init_children = 100
max_pool = 1

Then connect to the database

  psql -h localhost -p 9999 -U myuser mydb

and exit (\q). ps aux | grep postgres will show 2 active backends.

Connecting with a MD5 based user only creates 1 active backend.

SCRAM_AUTH as of August 9, 2018.

Best regards,

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