[pgpool-hackers: 372] Re: Exception Manager for pgpool

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Mon Oct 7 20:03:46 JST 2013


Thank you for your great work! I'll look into this.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
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> Hi
> I am working on adding the exception manager in pgpool and my plan of
> action for this is to use the Postgres exception manager API (elog and
> friends). Since the exception manager in Postgres uses the long jump, so
> importing this API in pgpool will effect all existing pgpool code flows
> especially in case of an error. and lot of care will be required for this
> integration, and secondly the elog API along with its friends will touch
> almost all parts of pgpool source code which will add up to a very huge
> patch.
> So instead throwing a very huge patch to the community my plan is to divide
> this task into multiple smaller sub tasks so that it would be easier
> maintain and review the patch.
> Cut to the chase, attached is the  first of the series of related patches
> to come.This is the first cut patch for implementing the exception manager
> in pgpool. As described above the exception manager and related code is
> borrowed from PostgreSQL source code.
> and the exception manager (elog API) is very closely tied with memory
> manager in PostgreSQL (palloc API) so the patch also borrows the PG's
> memory manager.
> Below is the little description of things part of this patch.
> -- Exception manager API of Postgres is added to pgpool, The API consists
> of elog.c and elog.h files. Since this API is very extensive and is
> designed for PostgreSQL so to fit it properly into pgpool I have modified
> it a little bit, and most of the modifications are related to removal of
> code which is not required for pgpool.
> -- Added on_proc_exit callback mechanism of Postgres. To facilitate the
> cleanup at exit time.
> -- Added PostgreSQL's memory manager (palloc API). This includes the client
> side palloc functions placed in 'src/tools' directory (fe_memutils)
> -- Removed the existing memory manager which was very minimalistic and was
> not integrated in all parts of the code.
> -- I have also tried to reflector some portions of code to make the code
> more readable at first glance. This includes
> - dividing the main.c file into two files main.c and pgpool_main.c, Now the
> main.c file only contains the code related to early initialisations of
> pgpool and parsing the command line options and related code. The actual
> logic of the pgpool main process is moved to new pgpool_main.c file.
> - breaking up some large functions in child.c into smaller functions.
> - rewrite the pgpool's main loop logic to make the code more readable.
> Remaining TODOs on this front.
> -- The current patch only integrates the memory and exception manager in
> main process and connection creation segment of pgpool child process.
> integration of newly added APIs in pcp and worker child process codes will
> be done be next patch.
> -- Integration of newly added API into query processor logic in child
> process. ( this will be the toughest part)
> -- elog.c and elog.h files needs some cleanups and changes ( to remove
> unwanted functions and data members of ErrorData structure) but this will
> be done at the end when we will have 100% surety if something in there is
> required or not.
> Thanks
> Muhammad Usama

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