[pgpool-hackers: 2783] 3.5.14 segfaulting

Devrim Gündüz devrim at gunduz.org
Wed Apr 18 04:36:25 JST 2018


I just updated community RPMs, and yum update is hanging while restarting the
instance for 3.5.14. It also hangs even after when I restart it after the

Here is the systemd logs:

WARNING:  child process with pid: 7615 was terminated by segmentation fault
pgpool[20887]: 2018-04-17 19:22:44: pid 20887: LOG:  fork a new child process with pid: 9569
kernel: show_signal_msg: 15013 callbacks suppressed
kernel: pgpool[15622]: segfault at 7f37b8658000 ip 00007f37591b3814 sp 00007ffd2cda2398 error 6
kernel: pgpool[15639]: segfault at 7f37bce98000 ip 00007f37591b3814 sp 00007ffd2cda2398 error 6
kernel:  in libc-2.17.so[7f375912a000+1b8000]

Can you please help me how to debug it?

Devrim Gündüz
EnterpriseDB: https://www.enterprisedb.com
PostgreSQL Consultant, Red Hat Certified Engineer
Twitter: @DevrimGunduz , @DevrimGunduzTR
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