[pgpool-hackers: 468] pgpool-II 3.3.3, 3.2.8, 3.1.11, 3.0.15, and pgpoolAdmin 3.3.1 released

Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
Tue Mar 25 08:15:12 JST 2014

Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability
of pgpool-II 3.3.3, 3.2.8, 3.1.11, 3.0,15, and pgpoolAdmin 3.3.1. These
are the latest stable minor versions of each major versions of pgpool-II.

You can download the source code, installer, RPMs from:

pgpool-II 3.3.3, 3.2.8, 3.1.11, 3.0,15 

* installer: Fix bug that install of pgpool-II RPM fails (Yugo Nagata)

* installer: Fix to set up passwordless SSH from apache at localhost to
  postgres at localhost (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

* Fix bug that restarted pgpool's watchdog status is regarded as down
  (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

* doc: Add mention about "listen queue" and how to increase the "backlog"
  in the num_init_children section. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

* Fix bug that watchdog status goes down even when only one of trusted
  servers get unpingable (Yugo Nagata) [3.3][3.2]

* Fix bad performance of unlogged tables detection code. (Tatsuo Ishii)

  Pointed out at [pgpool-hackers: 435][[pgpool-general:2325].

* Fix primary node detection logic. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  There's a possibility that primary node is not detected. This happens
  in following situation.  node 0: primary, node 1: standby. Node 0 goes
  down. Health checking detects the fact but local status is not updated
  yet. Primary node finding (find_primary_node) runs. Node 0's status is
  yet healthy. Because find_primary_node fails to connect to node 0, it
  immediately returns -1 and fails to find that fact that node 1 is now

  Fix is just continuing to look for primary node when fails to connect
  to a node.

  Per [pgpool-general: 2409].

* Add raw mode support to pgpool_setup. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3]

* test: Integrate jdbc test to regression test. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3]

* Fix jdbc DML fails when operated in raw mode and auto commit is off.
  (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  This is reported in bug #92.

* Fix to output error message when wd_escalation_command fails with exit
  code other than 0 (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

  This is suggested by Sergey Arlashin in [pgpool-general: 2457].

* test: Add new regression test for query cache. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2]

* Fix query cache bug with extended protocol. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2]

  SELECT retrieves outdated cache even DML was executed in an expilicit
  transaction. The bug had been there since in memory query cache was
  born. Per [pgpool-general-jp: 1252].

* Add missing entries "relcache_size" and "check_temp_table" to show
  pool_status (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2]

* Fix to output error message when if_up_cmd fails. (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

  This is suggested by Sergey Arlashin in [pgpool-general: 2457].

* Avoid to send queries to unrelated nodes in streaming replication mode.
  (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  Pgpool-II sends certain queries, such as BEGIN, END and SET commands to
  all of DB nodes. However in streaming replication mode, only primary
  node and at most one standby node are only concerned (if primacy node
  is selected as the load balance node, only 1 node is concerned).

  See [pgpool-hackers: 464] for more details.

* Fix possible buffer overrun problem and memory leak. (Tatsuo Ishii)

  Per Coverity 1111465 and 1111482.

* Fix possible buffer overrun. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1]

  Replace strcpy() with strlcpy(). Per Coverity report 1111478, 1111480,

* Add dubug messages for analyzing errors in if_up_cmd (Yugo Nagata) 

* Fix freeing NULL. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  Per Coverity 1111384.

* Do not enable query cache on materialized views. (Tatsuo Ishii) 

  Per bug #95.

* Fix memory leak. (Tatsuo Ishii) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  Per Coverity 1111446.

* Fix a segmentation fault in parallel mode with system_db_hostname is
  empty (Yugo Nagata) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

* Fix to output debug messages in processing pgpool.conf with -d option
  (Yugo Nagata) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  Previously, some debug messages in pool_get_config() ware not output
  even when -d option was used.

* Fix JDBC exception of prepared statement including now() in
  replication mode (Yugo Nagata) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  With JDBC, when a prepared statement is executed more than
  PrepareThreshold times, the statement is named and Describe message
  is sent after Parse. With named statement, pgpool rewrite now() to
  parameter in replication mode. Hence, rewritten query has additonal
  parameter than original. In this case, ParameterDescription message
  sent to frontend (response of Describe) should include OIDs of the
  same number os original query's parameters. Otherwize, JDBC throws

  This is reported in [pgpool-general-jp: 1192].

* Fix backend error of prepared statement about table which has
  column whoes default value is now() in replication mode (Yugo Nagata)

  When pgpool parses a named prepared statement with default now(),
  timestamps are replaced to additional parameters. So, Bind message also
  should inclued additional parameter format codes. However, when the
  number of original parameter was one, pgpool didn't handle this. This
  caused a error like "incorrect binary data format in bind parameter 2".

* test: Fix a bug of regression test of JDBC that shows OK even when
  this fails (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

* test: Add a new regression test for JDBC's PrepareThreshold
 (Yugo Nagata) [3.3]

* doc: Add description about parallel mode doesn't support PREPARE 
 (Yugo Nagata) [3.3][3.2][3.1][3.0]

  Per bug #93

pgpoolAdmin 3.3.1

* Fix a bug that watchdug status is shown as "Unknown" when it's "Down"
(Yugo Nagata)

* Fix a bug that restart of PostgreSQL doesn't work (Yugo Nagata)

* Fix to get properly if the login user is a super user or not on backend
  nodes. (Nozomi Anzai)

  This problem could be occured especially when he isn't a super user.
  Per [pgpool-general: 2340].

* Fix that pgpool_pgctl can be executed only when the login user is super
  user in backend nodes.(Nozomi Anzai)

  Previously, any login user was able to try to execute pgpool_pgctl()
  which could stop/restart/reload a backend node even if he was not a super
  user. Also pgpool_pgctl() was executed by sr_check_user or health_check_user,
  but it wasn't reasonable. This update is that buttons of stop/restart/reload
  are disabled when the login user isn't a super user and that pgpool_pg_ctl()
  is executed by login user instead of sr_check_user or health_check_user
  who don't have to be non-superuser. Per [pgpool-general: 2338].

Yugo Nagata <nagata at sraoss.co.jp>

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