[pgpool-hackers: 19] Re: Road map to next minor version up

Bryan Varner bvarner at polarislabs.com
Fri Jan 6 23:18:56 JST 2012

 > Now that two major problems have been identified[1][2], I think we
 > need to release minor version up of pgpool-II 3.1 and 3.0 stable
 > trees.
 > [1] 
 > [2] 
 > #1 seems to be already fixed according to users's reports.
 > For #2, I believe Kitagawa is working on it.
 > I think we should release 3.1.2 and 3.0.6 soon, hopefully by the end
 > of January. Comments?

Tatsuo, based on a conversation I had with you back in October on the 
old pgpool-general, I've put together a patch for the issue of 
pool_where_to_send() being invoked too often, causing application 
failures when running in master_slave & load_balance.

I've tried to send the patch to this list three times in the last week, 
and it's not going through.

I'd really like to have this included in the next release if possible. 
It's a show-stopper for our intended use of pgpool.

-Bryan Varner

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